Banquets Supervisor in California | Web Developer - Web Master in Florida | Culinary Opportunity in California | Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in New Jersey | Web Graphic Designer in California | Web Developer Opportunity in Massachusetts | Art Director in California | Sales / Marketing Opportunity in Louisiana | Marketing / Human Resources Opportunities in New Jersey | Membership Services in California | Housekeeping Supervisor in South Carolina | Housekeeping Supervisor Opportunity in Tennessee | Rooms Division in Texas | Front Office in Louisiana | Front Office in Texas | Front Office in Maryland | F&B and Front Office in Texas | Food and Beverage in Virginia | Food and Beverage in Missouri | Housekeeping Supervisor in South Carolina | Food and Beverage in Washington D.C. | Food and Beverage in Florida | Culinary in South Carolina | Culinary in Florida | Culinary, Front Office, and F&B in Maine | Culinary in San Diego | Chef Training Opportunity in Kennebunk Beach, Maine | F&B, Front Office, Housekeeping and Culinary in San Francisco | Youth Councellor | Front Desk Office Trainee in Arizona | F&B Trainees in Wyoming | Culinary Arts in Wyoming | F&B Trainees in Massachusetts  | F&B Trainees in Arizona | Front Desk Office Trainee in Wyoming | F&B Trainees in Florida | Culinary Arts in Florida | Culinary Arts in Atlantic Beach,Florida | Hospitality Management Trainee in Wyoming | F&B Trainees in Rawlins,Wyoming | Culinary Arts in Rawlins, Wyoming | Front Desk Office Trainee in UT | Culinary Arts in Arkansas | Culinary Arts in Jupiter, Florida | F&B Trainees in Jupiter, Florida | F&B Trainees in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida | Culinary Arts in New York | F&B Trainees in Nevada | Java Guru | Frontend Wizard | Web Developer/Software Engineer  | F&B Trainees | Hospitality Management Trainee | Culinary Arts | Front Desk Office Trainee | Food & Beverage Assistant Supervisor/Supervisor

Marketing / Human Resources Opportunities in New Jersey

Wage: $7,50 per hour + free housing.

Skills / Experience:

* Strong English speaking, writing and comprehension skill
* Flexibility, initative and good personal hygene
* A minimum or two years' driving experience (must have foreign Driver's License)


* Create marketing materials for pool and spa products
* Assist with seasonal recruitment and financial pruchasing and budgets
* Learn to maintain the daily operations or pool facilities, including electrical rouble shooting and pool hydraullcs.

Housing: Housing is provided by the Host Company, free of charge. Each participant will enjoy their own bedroom. Kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared. Laundry facilities are on site and free of charge.

Perfect Pool & Spa Management, Inc.

Perfect Pool and Spa Management is a leader in the spa industry and specializes in pool operations and management in the New York / New jersey area. As the spa experience bacomes more popular and a part of every day life, the spa industry is growing at a rapid rate. It is the perfect time to gain hands-on experience in the spa industry and start building a unique and fulfilling career.

Location: Perfect Pool & Spa Management, Inc is located in Norwood, New Jersey.

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