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H-2B Visa USA

Exchange International H2B Program

Short Term ‘Seasonal Jobs’ Work Visa / Permit

The H2B visa is a great way for people who want to temporarily live in the USA, working in seasonal and fun jobs.

If you want to travel to America and work over the Summer in a hotel, theme park or on a cruise ship, or if you want to work in a restaurant or as a ski instructor over the Winter – this is the visa for you.

Types of H2B Visa Jobs / H2B Work includes:

Hospitality workers, Hotels / Motels, Chefs, Resorts and Theme Parks, Ticket Sales, Cruise ships, Construction workers, Maintenance, Janitorial, Ski Resorts, Landscaping, Golf Courses, Water parks, Security, Ride Operators, Restaurants and bars, Warehouse, Retail Stores

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