US Employers

International Recruitment Services For US Companies

Exchange Inernational provides companies with pre-screened, well qualified, and dependable university students and young professionals from around the world for seasonal employment or on-the-job career training through the J-1 Exchange Visitors Program.

Our international recruitment services are free of charge to host companies and include dedicated support through every step of the placement process.

We Do It All For You!

*Promotion of the employment, training, or internship offer(s) abroad

*Identification, interview and screening of qualified workers to your specifications

*Screening, recruitment and preparation of workers, trainees, or interns

*Variety of customized recruitment solutions according to your needs.

*Opportunity to join us on an overseas recruitment trip to interview face-to-face and personally select your workers, trainees or interns; or upon request, we can hand-pick them for you.

*If you already have an international recruitment program in place, we provide recruitment services and/or visa paperwork processing services.

*Flexible start dates and end dates

*Full health coverage and travel insurance for every J-1 worker, trainee and intern. 

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