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Chef Training Opportunity in Kennebunk Beach, Maine

Wage: $10 per hour


• Must be currently enrolled in or graduated from a Culinary Institute

• Standard English proficiency

• Possess a strong desire and capability to learn new cooking Techniques


• Prepare meals for small and large groups at a 60 room guest house

• Contribute recent applicable culinary experience

• Learn to cook/prepare both American and Lithuanian style dishes and Polish style cuisine

Housing: Housing is provided by the Host Company

The Franciscan Guest House

This non-profit hotel is located in the quaint and charming city of Kennebunk Beach, Maine. With several hotels to choose from, guests return to the Franciscan Guest House year after year because of the fantastic location, beautiful environment, and tranquil accommodations. Guests can enjoy waterfront walking paths on the surrounding estate and St. Anthony's Monastery and Retreat Center, with landscaping designed by Frederick Law Olmsted Bros of New York's Central Park fame.

The South Coast Maine seasons are very famous:

• Spring – Flowers & soft breezes welcome visitors to Kennebunk beach

• Summer – Picturesque picnics on the beach and a cruise on the ocean

• Fall – Glorious and vibrant fall colors everywhere you look

• Winter – Christmas Prelude in the Kennebunk port sparkles with holiday lights and decorations

Dates & Duration:

• Start Date Range: January 1st to March 1st, 2011

• End Date Range: Flexible - up to 1 year duration

Location: The Franciscan Guest House is located in Kennebunk Beach, Maine

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