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Recruitment Options

Employers should apply six to seven months prior to the desired start date of employment.

Program Regulations and Requirements

To qualify for the program, employers are required to show a seasonal or temporary need for H-2B workers not to exceed ten (10) months and not less than four (4) months. Types of temporary needs include: seasonal need recurring annually (tied to a season of the year), peak-load (tied to peaks of your business, not necessarily a season), intermittent (need must be occasional, for short periods of time), or one-time occurrence (tied to a contract for a specific project not to be repeated in the future).

Workers must receive full-time hours (per company policy, minimum 30 hours per week) and the prevailing wage, which is set by the Department of Labor and reflects the average wage rate being paid to US workers in the same industry, position and region.

As a condition of approval of an H-2B petition, no job placement fee or other compensation may be collected at any time from an H-2B participant by the employer, agency, facilitator, recruiter (in the U.S. or overseas), or employment service, including before or after the filing or approval of the petition, as a condition of an offer or condition of H-2B employment.

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