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Q: Does my company have to pay for recruiting fees?

A: The Department of Labor and Department of Homeland Security issued new regulations for the Program require that the H-2B workers pay no fees associated with legal and recruiting costs to secure H-2B employment. Employers must now pay fees associated with recruitment of individuals on the H-2B visa.

Q: Does my company have to pay for legal expenses and filing fees?

A: Yes. H-2B host companies have to pay for legal expenses, attorney fees, and filing fees, but we offer these services at very affordable and competitive rate. You will also be responsible for paying advertising cost as per the guidelines of the Department of Labor.

Q: When is the best time for a company to request H-2B candidates?

A: We highly recommend the application be submitted at least six to seven months before the desired start date in order to ensure that all information is accurate and that petitions are prepared on time.

Q: What is the minimum and maximum amount of time workers can be available to work in the US?

A: Many U.S. businesses are interested in six or seven month stays on average, with a minimum stay of four months. But does not exceed a 10 month period.

Q: What is the minimum and maximum number of workers that a company can request for the H-2B Program?

A: There is no minimum or maximum number that a company must request.

Q: What is the pay scale for H-2B workers?

A: Workers must be paid the prevailing wage for the position. The rate paid will be the same as that paid to U.S. workers.

Q: What are the most commonly requested H-2B positions?

A: Many positions requested fall within the hospitality industry such as housekeepers, front desk agents, dining room attendants, banquet servers, waiters, hosts, food preparation workers, cooks, dishwashers, groundskeepers, gift shop attendants, and valet attendants are requested.

Q: Can a U.S. company request an individual to come back the following year?

A: Yes. Workers can return for consecutive years, but in some circumstances, may need to remain in their home country for three months (or more) before re-applying for another visa.

Q: Can someone who has been to the U.S. on a J-1 visa return on the H-2B visa?

A: Yes. The J-1 Visa is different from the H-2B Visa and they are not mutually exclusive.

Q: Can a U.S. employer choose the country from which workers are recruited?

A: Yes. A employer can request the country (or countries) from which the workers are recruited.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of H-2B Visas approved each year?

A: Yes. The U.S. Government determines the number of H-2B Visas that will be approved each year. This number is currently set at 60,000 for the year.

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