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Program Overview&Benefits

Program duration: The length of the H-2B Visa Program depends on your specific period of need, not to exceed 10 months.

Participants profiles: Individuals participating in the H-2B Visa Program are at least 18 years of age and must have a minimum level of intermediate English. Many individuals have already completed university courses and are no longer students, providing a more mature and diverse group of workers.

Employers: You are eligible to participate in the program if you can prove a seasonal or peak-load need. A seasonal or peak-load need may be demonstrated by historical evidence for the past year(s) showing the number of permanent and/or temporary workers during a particular period of time is higher than in other parts of the year. Examples of employers that utilize the Program may be found throughout various industries, including (but not limited to) hospitality, amusement theme parks and recreation, landscaping, ski resorts, seafood processing, and retail.

Positions: Positions that are typically requested to be filled include, but are not limited to, landscapers/groundskeepers, cashiers, dining room attendants, fast food workers, chefs/cooks, food preparation workers, banquet servers/set-up, bartenders, waiters, hosts, dishwashers, front desk/reservation attendants, housekeepers, laundry attendants, valet parking attendants, concierge, baggage porters, recreation workers, amusement park workers, ride operators, game attendants, waterslide maintenance workers, ski lift operators, ski instructions, seafood processors, and tour guides.

Benefits of the H-2B Visa

* Helps fulfill seasonal and high peak staffing needs.

* H-2B participants are screened to match your specific job description and staffing needs.

* You can customize your start and end dates according to your needs.

* You may request individuals to return the following year(s) if they remain eligible and meet the requirements of the program.

* H-2B participants are only allowed to work for your company (the company that is listed on their visa).

* H-2B participants are able to work for the amount of time you need them — not limited to summer holidays or vacation periods.

* Experience and Success

* Save on Training & Retention Costs

* H-2B workers can save you time and money on training and retention of staff, especially during your busy seasonal and peak periods of the year.

* Service Quality

* We provide world class customer service to both our employers and our participants. The benefits of working with us.

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