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Program Overview&Benefits

Why Use Work Travel

Recruit High-Quality Seasonal Workers - Work Travel participants are highly motivated, adaptable and committed to making a positive contribution to your company. In addition, our participating students are currently enrolled in a university outside of the U.S., pre-screened based on your criteria, able to speak and understand English, fully authorized to work in the U.S. for up to four months.

Purpose of the Program

The State Department J-1 Work & Travel Program is an Exchange Visitor Program designed to achieve the educational objectives of international and cultural exchange by involving young adults in the daily life of the host country through temporary employment opportunities and to return home to share their experiences. The program also aims to encourage Americans to participate in the educational and cultural programs in other countries. Today’s global markets require international work experience, and the value added by working in the USA is immeasurable to students from overseas.

Type of Visa: J-1 visa.

Length of the Program:
Up to four months

Participants’ Profile:
University students, from 18 to 28 years old with at least an intermediate level of English.

Types of Positions:
Restaurant staff, Hotel staff, Store staff, Lifeguards, Amusement and Water Park staff (Positions include Cook, Cashier, Dining Room Attendant, Housekeeper, Fast Food, Laundry Attendant, Hotel Desk Clerk, Dishwasher, Ticket Taker, Park Service Parking Attendant, Game Attendant, Ride Operator, Food Service, Wait Staff, etc.)

Program Seasons:
Season of the Work & Travel Program: Summer,(Europe students) we can help staff your company 4 months each year, from May through October.

Start Date: May 1st between July 1st

End Date: August 31st between September 30

Please note: Students are usually available to work from 2 and half months to 4 months depending upon the length of their university break.

Benefits of staffing Work and Travel Participants:

* Exchange International does NOT charge you a fee for the Work/Travel Program. Save in recruitment costs. Save valuable time and money by letting us do the recruiting and interviewing at no cost to you.

* Instead of reviewing thousands of applications, sending emails and making phone calls, we provide your company with pre-screened employees. Identification, interview and screening of qualified students to your specifications.

* Save on payroll taxes! All participants are exempt from Social Security (FICA), Medicare and Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA). Many companies have reported saving up to 8% in payroll taxes.

* International students are provided with health insurance. Full health coverage and travel insurance for all students.

* DS-2019 Paperwork coordination: J-1 Visa documentation and support at the Embassies.

* Preparation and orientation of all students prior to arrival.

* World class service and support throughout the term of employment, including housing and transportation assistance or arrangements, arrivals and social security application management.

* Opportunity to join us on an overseas recruitment trip to interview face-to-face and personally select employees.

* Complete your seasonal hiring 30-60 days before the season starts.

* International students are exempt from paying Social Security tax, Medicare and Federal Unemployment tax.

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