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Application Process

Exchange International offers two application formats in each category:

Self-Placement Program

This application format is available to eligible Trainee and Internship Program applicants who have secured trainee/internship positions with a U.S. company. A completed Exchange International Application, which includes a trainee/internship plan draft (Form DS 7002 Training/Internship Placement Plan), must be submitted by the program applicant prior to receiving a sponsorship decision. Please allow 2-3 weeks for application processing.

Full Placement Program:

Exchange Inernational attempts to assist international students and young professionals with meeting their career advancement goals in the U.S. Some applicants may choose available program positions offered by internationally-minded host companies interested in our programs. All participating host companies are carefully pre-screened, and they may have successfully hosted trainees or interns in the past.

Step 1: Review descriptions of our available positions.  Determine if you are interested in any of the positions and whether you meet the requirements listed in the position description.

Step 2: Contact us! Within one business day, you will receive an email from us with information regarding the next steps you must take in order to apply for an available position.

Step 3: If you qualify for the program, we will conduct an interview via webcam with you. The interview will be conducted in English and will address your past experiences, English language ability, qualifications and interest in the position.

Step 4: If the interview is successful, you will be asked to send us a complete J-1 Visa program application and a $100 non-refundable ap­plication-processing fee. Once the application is received and reviewed, we will notify you whether your application is accepted or rejected.

Step 5: If you are accepted, your resume will be sent to the employer for review, and we will update you about your status once the employer gives us feedback.

Step 6: If the employer wishes to interview you, we will provide the employer’s details and schedule an interview.

Step 7: We will inform you whether the employer wishes to extend a job offer, schedule another interview or offer the position to another candidate.  If an employer hires another candidate, you can be considered for other positions that become available through the Placement Program.

Step 8: If you are offered an internship, you will sign the employment contract and final Training Plan (DS-7002) and pay the remainder of your program fees so that we can issue your DS-2019 Form.

Step 9: You will then go to the Embassy in your home country with all necessary documents to apply for your J-1 Visa.

Step 10: After receiving a visa, you can make final arrangements to travel to the USA. If you are denied a visa, contact us immediately to review your situation.

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